~Child Labor In Africa~

Africa is the poorest continent on the planet, and often considered


About 1.8 million children work on cocoa bean farms in Africa. Lots of children work to support their families that are affected by poverty. 41% of the children in Africa work. About 246 million children ages 5-17 are in child labor.


On earth, there are about 250 million child workers. Unemployment and poverty levels are high in Africa. Most child workers are in Asia and the Pacific. South Africa has a total of 48 million child workers, in the Middle East and Northern Africa, there is a total of 14.3 million child workers.

Most children work for their families because their families are poor and their labor is necessary for their survival. Children get employed because they are cheaper to hire, they are less likely to demand higher wages or better working conditions, and they are more vulnerable.



The children of Africa usually works on taking care of animals, and planting/harvesting food. Some children also work on small manufacturing, auto-repair, and make footwear and textiles. Thousands of children work on gold mines. They work long hours and work dangerous jobs in hundreds of mines scattered through the West African bush. Some of these children are about 4 years old. Most bush mines are just little holes in the ground, but there are thousands in Africa, South America, and Asia all together.